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Our values
In 1997, our two founders decided to put their experiences in tutoring children throughout their university years into something more profound. Looking at how some children struggle to revise for their spelling tests and completing their comprehension, they looked for ways to help their students learn in an efficient and pro-active manner. This is how Little Scholars Creative Workshop was founded. Throughout the years, they have strived to provide up-to-date and quality courses to help children learn. With FEAST in mind, they have developed different courses and ways of teaching to help feed hungry learners on their journey to endeavour knowledge.
All Rounded Learning

Our Space
Lead by Karr Yip, a renowned architect and designer, ADO is a Hong Kong based internationally recognized design and architecture firm. ADO has integrated contemporary design into a child-friendly space for us.


Using the latest technology, Chelated Platinum Solution’s product is providing our workshop a clean, bacteria-free, safe and harmless environment for our students and staff force.

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1/F, Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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