Brain Boot Camp
Mathematics is not all about formulas, drillings and practices. We teach kids Math the way that makes sense to them. Our customized learning plan is designed to address each student’s needs, whether they started out a bit behind or are already ahead in the subject. Our instruction approach goes beyond traditional math tutoring to empower understanding and build a love for Math.

(age 2-8 years old)

A common misconception is that education and play are two separate, unrelated entities. We think otherwise. We are strong believers in the incorporation of playing into learning, hence we have launched this new programme, with the aim of making learning fun. Early exposure to a fun learning environment enables students to become avid and passionate learners. Logical thinking and application are crucial elements to the pursuit of knowledge, and our programme aims to strengthen your child in these areas, while also challenging your child’s intellectual abilities.

Our program is split into three separate courses to better suit children of different age groups.

Newbie (Level I &II : ages 2 to 4)
﹒Both individual-based activities and cooperative game play
﹒Great emphasis is placed on improving your child’s fine motor skills
﹒Basic elements in daily life are introduced
﹒Children are encouraged to build self-confidence through communication
﹒Cooperative games reinforce rule-following and self-discipline

Master (Level I & II: ages 4 to 5.5)
﹒Enhance your child’s observational skills and spatial awareness through individual-based activities
﹒Students are given opportunities to show off their creativity
﹒Involves games that require logical and strategic thinking

Expert (Level I & II: ages 5.5 to 8)
﹒Aims to improve your child’s ability to make strategic decisions
﹒Introduces complex game mechanics that will challenge your child’s critical thinking
﹒Targets areas that are essential to your child’s academic success such as memory and mathematics
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