Our Eggies playgroup offers a unique curriculum through years of experience and expertise in the field. The course is structured to prepare toddlers for proper schooling in nursery school and kindergartens.

Toddlers will learn by playing and exploring, participating in various forms of arts and crafts, as well as creative play.

All learning activities in this programmes are specially designed to cater the specific needs of this age group,
which include:
﹒gross motor activities
﹒fine motor activities
﹒music and movement activities

All toddlers will be accompanied by parents or caregivers in this programme. The programme is honing on creating a loving and encouraging environment for these young precious ones to bud. Each child will be given a portfolio to record what has been done in class. Parental tips will be shared and children will definitely be well prepared for the challenges of being a pre-schooler ahead of them!

Moving up another stage, our Eggies-turned-Caterpillars are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and take a big leap forward to gear themselves up for the independence they need for their preschool life.

The Caterpillars programme offers a fabulous chance for parents as well as young children to deal with “separation” by practising a quick “goodbye” ritual. Children are encouraged to learn independently and our fun-filled activities will definitely gear up their gross motor and fine motor skills.

This programme also focuses on training toddlers to follow instructions as well as recognize, sort out and categorize colours and shapes. Tapping the rapid development of speech at this stage, it’s the right moment to properly introduce manners and enhance communication skills through various activities and story-telling.
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